Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

In a striking revelation, the institution of chiefs in our nation, which many believe has been overly politicised and serves little purpose, is set to pocket more than those working in critical labour services. This strange prioritisation comes courtesy of the current leadership, a ruling entity that many see as an embodiment of the nation’s worst political nightmares. This leadership, the zanu pf, is perceived by many as an abhorrent, criminal operation that is overseeing the systematic decline of our nation. The ruling party, with its perceived corrupt and self-enriching interests, is believed to be contributing significantly to the current paralysis of the state, a situation that many fear will soon spiral into total state failure and an ensuing collapse.

Despite their questionable contribution to the nation’s development or life-saving efforts compared to the public education and health sectors, chiefs will soon be earning slightly over five hundred US dollars each month. This allocation of resources appears puzzling, particularly when juxtaposed against the critical public health and education sectors. These sectors, which have been seeing their skilled and experienced personnel leaving in droves for greener pastures, appear to be in desperate need of attention and funding.

This situation is largely because their predicament seems to be overlooked, with their pleas for assistance falling on deaf ears within the zanu pf administration. Strangely enough, their remuneration is neither in the floundering local currency, nor the proposed gold coins, which have failed to provide a solution to the relentless economic crisis. One could question why this regime, accused of looting both fiscal and non-renewable resources for personal enrichment, still uses the currency of the country that allegedly seeks to undermine it through illegal sanctions and an alleged regime change agenda.

To the politically enlightened, this situation smells suspiciously of electioneering. The institution of chiefs, accused of being partisan and non-contributory, appears to be swayed by financial incentives. This strategy, however, is peanuts compared to the amount the ruling elite allegedly siphons off weekly through illicit activities like gold smuggling. It seems these chiefs are being used as pawns to manipulate terrorised, impoverished citizens into voting for the current administration, perpetuating a vicious cycle where the rich get richer at the expense of the ordinary citizen.

The current state of affairs begs the question: for how long can this predatory and extractive elite continue to exploit the finite fiscal, non-renewable and natural resources of our land for self-enrichment while violating the supreme laws of our land and neglecting the welfare of the very people they swore to serve? Only time will tell.

  1. This is just an arm of this repressive regime. They are all part of the ZANU PF cartels. Church leaders and Chiefs have let the nation down.

  2. Hapana zviripo apa. Varikudya vese neZANU PF and vauya kwatiri they threaten us kuti if we don’t vote for ZANU PF, they will chase us kubva mudunhu ravo. Misha yatasiirwa nemadzitatenguru edu. Chaora chinhu ichi.

  3. These chiefs have become a part of ZANU F propaganda and benefit from the corrupt regime. They are taking advantage if those they lead to please their master ZANU PF. We need better leaders.

  4. The chiefs are also enablers of political violence. None of them speaks against the evil deeds of ZANU PF because they are also a part of ZANU PF.

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