Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

The recent disorderly, bloodstained, and manipulated primary elections that were held under the crumbling regime, a regime embodying terrorism, despotism, authoritarianism, and illegitimacy, have served as a beacon of hope, highlighting the real potential to overturn its wrongful supremacy.

This long-winded regime, notorious for its failures, malevolent acts, and authoritativeness, has proven to be the greatest catastrophe the nation has ever experienced. This parasitic, criminal, pestilential, pillaging, predatory entity obsessed with self-enrichment, not only disregards the supreme law of the land, but also continuously violates, defaces, and debases it, whilst neglecting the welfare of its citizens and depriving them of basic service delivery. Yet, the recent primary elections have unveiled an unprecedented turn of events, as the beleaguered, famished, and oppressed populace has risen against this oppressor, seeking to dismantle its illegitimate power.

For four decades, the welfare of the impoverished and suffering masses has been overlooked, trapped in a cyclical nightmare fuelled by the insatiable hunger of these parasites. Fundamental constitutional liberties, freedoms, and rights – the right to healthcare, access to clean water, and the right to education – have been squandered by this ruling party’s relentless pursuit of power. Today, the oppressed are echoing their defiance louder than ever before, seeking to oust the ruling party from power.

Moreover, this upheaval is not limited to the masses. The so-called “big wigs”, individuals at the helm of the country’s crisis, who are nothing but big pests and parasites, themselves senile and unwell, have been voted out. They will not be contesting in future elections, thus amplifying the signals of a significant impending political transformation.

For the politically vigilant, informed, and enlightened, this presents a clear sign that the oppressed masses are fed up with being ruled, rather than being governed with their consent. The prolonged political illegitimacy of the ruling party, and the consequent negligence of citizens’ welfare, has led to an undeniable deprivation of affordable, reliable services. This deprivation encompasses fundamental constitutional liberties, freedoms, and rights – rights to basic healthcare, access to clean water, and education.

Fear has been replaced with the fervour for change. The populace is eager to rid themselves of the parasitic elite that ruthlessly extracts and plunders the country’s finite fiscal, non-renewable and natural resources for personal gain. This, coupled with their unabated yearning to illegitimately remain in power, has fuelled the people’s determination to reclaim their land.

Exciting times lie ahead. The oppressed are rising, and the dawn of change is imminent. The tumultuous primaries have served as a beacon of hope, signalling the end of an era, and the beginning of a new chapter in this country’s history. As the sun sets on the reign of tyranny, the populace eagerly awaits the dawn of a new era – an era of liberation, freedom, and prosperity.

  1. ZANU PF primaries was evidence that ZANU PF is losing this election if we come out in our numbers and vote against suffering. Vote for change champions.

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