Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

In the arena of political discourse, the resilient and innovative opposition, rising from past struggles, has chosen to campaign for an often overlooked segment of society – our war veterans. This cause, noble in its very nature, aims to rectify years of neglect, reminding us all of the solemn obligation we owe to those who have served. Despite their efforts being met with resistance, occasionally even from the very individuals they seek to support, their steadfast commitment remains unwavering.

This opposition is on a mission to address the harsh realities faced by many – impoverishment, terror, oppression, and severe food insecurity. For the past four decades, these predicaments have been all but ignored, breeding a cycle of distress. Unfortunately, there exists an endemic insensitivity towards these issues, especially amongst those notorious for exploiting resources for personal gain. This has inevitably resulted in the deprivation of essential services, infringing upon constitutional liberties, freedoms, and rights, such as access to basic healthcare, clean water, and education.

The stark contrast drawn by the opposition is to the ZANU PF party. Labelled as tyrannical, authoritarian, illegitimate, and parasitic, the ZANU PF’s recent track record includes disturbing instances of war veteran abuse. Shockingly, veterans have even been arrested for exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of assembly, expression, and petition. These developments have led to a deep introspection amongst veterans, making them question past actions where they too might have infringed upon these freedoms.

Such political improprieties have not been lost on the war veterans. They too have felt the harsh repercussions of the predatory behaviour demonstrated by the ZANU PF, characterised by a relentless pursuit of self-enrichment and a blatant disregard for the welfare of the people.

Prominent opposition figure and former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, has been particularly vocal about advocating for war veterans’ welfare. He highlights the stark reality that these veterans, despite their immense sacrifices during the liberation struggle, have little to show for it. Biti argues passionately for the provision of title deeds to the war veterans – a concrete recognition of their contribution. According to him, these deeds would serve as tangible tokens of gratitude and ensure the security of the farms distributed to the veterans during the land reform programme.

The opposition’s campaign underscores an urgent need for reform. It represents a beacon of hope, advocating for the rights of those who have bravely served, reminding us that the sacrifices made in the name of liberty and justice should never be taken for granted. Their endeavour to reimagine the welfare of war veterans is a testament to their commitment to the people, ultimately challenging the political landscape to champion change, justice, and equality.

  1. Well articulated. This is a good read.Forward with change until Zimbabwe is free.

  2. CCC is the only HOPE for Zimbabwe. We need to restore the sanity of war veterans. They fought for freedom and now they are being deprived of that freedom. ZANU PF must go.

  3. This is nonsense. The Patriotic bill was created for people like you who say bad things about Zimbabwe. You should visit RGM airport and see what ED is doing. Roads are being sorted and you are here spreading lies.

  4. 23 August, lets restore the dignity of our war veterans. My father can’t even live a descent life but he was disabled in the liberation struggle but just because he doesn’t subscribe to the ideology of ZANU PF, they don’t care about him.

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